First, here is how and where you can listen to Bach:
This Friday, April 10 (Good Friday) at 3 pm last year’s Bach performance will be broadcast in Downtown Lindsborg.  Also this Friday, last year’s performance will be broadcast on KSAL 1150 AM at 6:00 pm.  Those not in the immediate listening area may go to and click on “listen live” to hear the performance at that time.
To hear the 2019 performance of Handel’s Messiah by the Bethany Oratorio Society:
Easter Sunday at 3 pm on KSAL 1150 AM (or online at
Easter Sunday at 7 pm on Radio Kansas. or on the radio at: 90.1 FM, 89.5 FM, 90.9 FM.
Now for the “fun” part. . . I am asking that EVERYONE choose one of the Easter broadcasts to listen to, and when it comes time for #44 “Hallelujah” to follow the instructions below.  Let’s see how many people from all over the world we can get to do this.  Remember, you can listen online from anywhere in the world.  Copy these instructions and send to friends all over the world.  Even better, make sure you’re wearing your performance attire! If you can’t wear performance attire, wear whatever you like!
How can you participate?  We want YOU to sing/play along with #44, Hallelujah!  When you are listening to the 3 pm Central Time OR 7 pm Central Time broadcasts (see above) and it comes time for the Hallelujah Chorus, we want you to:
1. Stand, hold your book or have your music on a music stand.
2. Sing or play along with the broadcast
3. Have someone take a picture.  Please consider wearing your concert dress for the picture!
4. Post that picture on social media and include the hashtag #LindsborgLemonade
This hashtag has been being used by Lindsborg locals to indicate that despite the difficult times we are in, we will find the good in any situation. When life gives us lemons, we choose to make lemonade.
5.  Finally, email your picture to and include your name and where you live so Dr. Lucas can create a collage of singers and players.
Direct any questions or comments to Dr. Mark Lucas at
Finally, don’t forget to tell your friends that, if restrictions are lifted, we will be doing a performance of Handel’s Messiah on Friday, June 19 in Heritage Square in the South Park.  The only rehearsal is at 5 pm that same day.  EVERYONE is invited to sing/play.  Let’s get a huge chorus and orchestra to be there!

Join the ‘Hallelujah!’

A century old tradition of celebrating music and fine art in Lindsborg, Kansas. Join us in the choir, or in the audience.