Jewelry; Both Genders; All performances:  Wedding rings only.  (No other rings, nose rings, earrings, necklaces, bracelets, anklets, or piercings of any kind.)

Please refrain from using perfume or cologne as some members have allergies.


Bach’s Passion – Good Friday

  • Men & Women: For the performance, all participants must be in solid black. Dress codes still apply.

“Messiah” – Easter Sunday 

  • Men: For the performance, men must wear solid white button-down shirts, solid black dress pants, black dress coats & black ties (bow or regular).
  • Women: For the performance, women must wear all black, including black closed-toed shoes.
  • Both: Avoid distracting elements such as sparkles, excessive exposed skin, etc.

On Performance Days, you may be asked to go home and change, or not perform at all, if your attire does not meet these guidelines. Why do we have a Dress Code? To put our best, most professional ‘face’ on our performances, a large group’s attire must be as unified as possible. Glittering jewelry, lots of exposed skin, or noticeable variations in clothing actually distract an audience from the music, and the message, of the performance. We strive to take away as many distractions as possible, so each audience member can get the utmost out of every performance. Thank you in advance for your cooperation!