Burnett Center for Religion & Performing Arts

Burnett Center for Religion and the Performing Arts is used for theatre productions, recitals, lectures and classes. It features a unique seating configuration that can turn one section of seats from the mainstage to a smaller more intimate setting. It also houses a II/8 Reuter pipe organ, installed in 1974.


Mingenback Art Center

Mingenback Art Center is recognized as one of the most functional instructional centers for art in the region and houses the Mingenback Art Center Gallery. One classroom is outfitted as a smart room with internet access, projector and Bluetooth wireless tablet. The sculpture studio includes a fully equipped foundry.



Presser Hall & Auditorium

Presser Hall is the oldest occupied building on campus. The auditorium portion was opened in 1929, and the office/studio wing was opened the next year in 1930.

The auditorium, located on the first floor, is utilized for a variety of special events, convocations, commencement, and musical performances, including Bethany’s annual Messiah Festival performances. Presser Hall Auditorium features a 4 Manual, 80-Rank Reuter Pipe Organ with 4,329 pipes, a 9′ 6″ Bosendorfer Imperial 290 concert grand piano. The auditorium’s balcony was renovated in 2008, the ceiling and plasterwork was repaired and painted in 2014. Total seating capacity is 1,752. In 2016, the stage was repaired and completely refinished, and dedicated as the Elmer F. Copley Stage.

Presser’s first floor also features the main lobby, renovated in 2008; the President’s Office, the Business, Registrar, Communications, Human Resources, Advancement & Alumni offices. The Messiah Festival & Music Department office is located on the second floor of the building.

In its lower level, Presser Hall contains the Publications Office, as well as offices and workrooms for faculty members in English, communications, theatre, philosophy and religion.

Bethany’s Music Department is housed on the second and third floors of Presser Hall. The floors include the DeWitt Music Center, faculty studios, classrooms, a digital piano laboratory and practice rooms.

The Bethany Oratorio Society performs on the Dr. Elmer Copley Stage in Presser Hall Auditorium in 2016.