Handel Orchestra Seating

Violin I Ann Samuelson Lori McKinney Maciek Zawadzki Ruth Ann Leaf Maria Bonilla Michael Bernstrom Violin II Manda Deegan Kathy Englund Rebecca Van Der Wege Katie Klaassen Grace Quigley Bailey Kappel Angie Sundell Katie Sundell Viola Lillian Green Hailey Treas Destiny Spurlock Anita Willis Jonathan Hess Ted Quast Cello Cody Flory Robertson Meagan De

Bach Selections

  No. Page Title 1 1 “Come, ye Daughters” 3 22 "O blessed Jesu” 5 24 “Not upon the feast” 7 26 “To what purpose is this waste” 14 37 “Where wilt Thou” 39 “Lord is it I?” 16 40 “The sorrows Thou art bearing” 21 49 “From ill do Thou defend me” 23

Bach Orchestra Seating

Orchestra 1 Violin 1 Ann Samuelson Ruth Ann Leaf Brooke Browning Violin 2 Manda Deegan Cameron Hamer Rebecca VanDerWege Viola Lillian Green Amanda Houghton Cello Ben Cline Jay Hawkins Bass Gus Applequist Flute Paula Patterson Kristin Werner Oboe Ellen Neufeld Richard Anderson Organ Hentus van Rooyen Orchestra 2 Violin 1 Kathy Englund

Full Orchestra Schedule

Please note, not all personnel are called for all rehearsals.  Refer to your individual schedule to determine which rehearsals you should attend.   Handel’s Messiah Presser Hall, Bethany College   Sunday, March 24  2:00-4:30 pm Aria rehearsal 5:30-8:00 pm Orchestra and chorus (incl. brass/timpani)   Sunday, March 31   2:00-4:30 pm Orchestra only 5:30-8:00 pm Orchestra

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